Sunday, August 8, 2010

Looking For A Graphic Designer!

Yes it's true! We are looking for a Graphics Designer!! Unfortunetly ForeverGeorgeous has quit and now we are looking for a replacement! The requirements are that you MUST have Photoshop and have experience. To apply, apply in THESE comments only!! Post 3 links of graphics you have made, we are mostly looking for someone who can design clothes (draw with a tablet) and draw accessories (with tablet).

So apply in THESE comments, we will post a post of the winner, hopefully it can be you! Apply now if your good with Photoshop/graphics!

Thank You!
Beautule Group Staff.


  1. I would apply except I don't have a tablet :(

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  3. Hey lily and Amanda :D
    Stardoll Name:quennofbee97
    Real Name:Samantha (Sam)
    Age: 12 1|2
    Position you are applying for: graphic designer
    Reason you are applying for: I always wanted to be a part of a big blog like this and let people see my creations :D
    Why should we pick you:I love doing graphics when im bored, and when people ask for them, and if you ask me to do a graphic for something, i will do it right away.
    Samples: Well this is my first graphic that i created. Its not the best but i can create better ones lol. I was doing it quick :P

    Hope you pick me!
    -Sam (quennofbee97)

  4. Stardoll Name: xikewii
    Real Name: Rather not say; I prefer to be called Jarred.
    Age: 12 [13 next year]
    Position You're Applying for: Graphic Designer
    Reason: I want to be in an environment where my graphics skills can develop and where I can help create something amazing.
    Why we should pick you: I've been interested in fashion & art since I was 10 and I started using Photoshop last year so I've got pretty good skills and I *HAD* a website which I fully coded. I have quite a lot of knowledge in HTML, CSS, Image Manipulation, Graphic Design & Fashion so this pretty much comes naturally.
    Samples: My Blog [] ; I made the banner and graphics in the posts.. technically those wouldn't be Stardoll graphics exactly but I can do others if you'd like.


  5. wait dont pay attention to that graphic link i gave you lmao its lame i will give you a better one.. if you consider me :D

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  7. I just made a graphic now. Proabably about 5 minutes ago.

    Name: Larsa
    Username: Larsa_Gurl
    Age - NA. <You know my age already[:
    Position I'm applying for: Graphic Designer/ replacement for forevergorgeous.
    Reason I'm applying: I wanted to be apart of Beautule group ever since it started. I didn't know that the creative directors had to do with drawings, and I was determined if I applied for that I would of gotten in the group. Now, since I've been getting better with graphics, I would love to apply & be apart of the amazing group.

    I can do hair, but I was kinda lazy{:

    I hope you pick me, if not then I bet you picked a person with lots of experience with graphics. I hope you find one person whose graphics are at your standards. Good luck to everyone who is applying. xx.

    Much love, and kisses:
    from larsa_gurl

  8. I dont have a tablet,I still manage to draw clothes and poses tho ..

  9. I have a tablet but i didnt use it in the this graphic. I can Make better did this in like 5 or 7 mins...

    Send more if you want :D