Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautule Group Firing and Hiring !

Okay so as you may know Lily has quit Beautule Group !
So i got a new co-owner Devie44
We are once again starting to work on Beautule couture we are looking for sponsors/projects so apply in comments if you want to be one !

Name of blog (or project) :
Stardoll Name :

Also we will be firing some staff and hiring new ones !

Also if you want to be a
Graphic Designer
Creative Director

Your have to apply in comments

SD Name :
Position :
Why you think you'd do a good job:
And show some of your work :

Thanks !!! Blahm3/Devie44


  1. SD Name : LonnaLang

    Position : Basically I'd be happy with anything open..but preferably an Assistant or Creative Director!

    Why you think you'd do a good job: I'm a professional person when it comes to business, when it's just talking to friends personally I'm very easy-going, but when we start talking about business I can be a professional, serious person. I'm very creative (The Arts are my hobbies, eg. Acting, Drawing, Music, Writing) and I also have experience with blogs and Stardoll. I've been on Stardoll for a long time and I'm Very VERY Commitment will not be an issue for me. I promise to hand things in on time when given an appropriate Deadline, and I'm always very excited to work on new Projects! I believe Beautule could be the New Stardoll Sensation by Christmas Time, as long as you have the right people doing the right job. ;)

    And show some of your work : I used to own two blogs, but they're not Active currently, as I'm focusing on my newest projects. Mainly.. I also own many clubs, and look at other blogs almost everyday.

  2. SD Name : Princessvx.
    Position : Organizer.
    Why you think you'd do a good job: I am a very official person, who is time-efficient, and can hold a busy schedule. My creative skills will bring more passion and originality to Beautule Group.
    And show some of your work : My work:

  3. Name of blog (or project) : Perfection Magazine
    Followers: 50
    Stardoll Name : mini_casie
    Real name: Danae

    I'd like to sponser and be sponser by Beautule Group because I think this could be big. Who said it can't be huge?
    We will update as long as you update about us.
    We'd be the perfect team!

  4. Name of blog (or project) :
    Followers: 29
    Stardoll Name : jelizaveta123